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Tips to Leave a Lasting Impression on Your First Date.

The quote, ‘The first impression is the last impression’, holds quite true in the case of the first date. After all those endless calls and chats, finally, it’s time you guys are meeting for the first time and it’s very important to leave a lasting impression on your first date as it will decide the future of any potential relationship with that special person.

We live in a world where everyone wants things faster and that’s why first impressions mean a lot during your first date. A first date is quite important because you are going to meet a person you have been talking and chatting to for real and you will get to know each other better. If you are nervous about your first date then no need to worry anymore as here are a few tips that will help you to leave a lasting impression on your first date.

Selecting the Place

The place you people are meeting is the most important thing to take care of during a first date. If you are not sure about your date’s preferences then you can choose a neutral, low-pressure location. It’s always better to opt for a restaurant or a coffee shop than a bar, or a movie date because you will be able to hear and see each other more clearly. You can discuss with your date about a place to meet and decide on a place or if it’s upon you to decide the place then always select a place that is not far away for both of you and where both of you will feel comfortable. Select a place where there will be other people around as it won’t make you look creepy. If you are a girl then your safety matters a lot. Never go to a far and secluded place, dress decently, and always inform at least one person where you are going and whom you are going to meet.

Pick a Nice Dress

What to wear during a first date is quite important as it will tell a lot about your personality. Don’t go overboard with your dressing and be subtle. If you are a girl, it’s always better not to wear a very revealing dress. Wear what you are comfortable in. A nice cute top with matching jeans and accessories is a very good option. If you are a guy, a white shirt with a nice pair of jeans can never go wrong but you can go with anything that makes you confident but it’s better to avoid loud, too colourful dresses. Keep your dressing subtle but try to make a point that this date matters a lot for you and that you have put in enough effort for it. It will make your date feel important and will help a lot to leave a lasting impression during the first date.

Make Interesting Conversations

Now after all the superficial things like the place and dress, the real thing comes which will play an important role in the course of your relationship, the conversations you make. On a date, it’s very important that while conversing you also listen to the other person. Doing all the talking by yourself will make an impression of you being self-centred and pompous. Don’t make it all about yourself, of course, you have to make the conversation interesting but also give enough time to your date to talk. You can discuss about your hobbies, your families, and what you are looking for in a relationship. Try to be as real as you can without being boring. Try to make the other person laugh as having a good sense of humour is the cherry on top! You can ask questions as it will help you to know the person better and allow yourself to answer questions he/she is asking with sincerity. Give your date some time to answer and don’t just jump from one question to another.

Give Compliments

Everyone loves genuine compliments whether it’s a boy or a girl. Feel free to give compliments like, ‘You are looking great’ but make sure that you don’t go overboard with compliments as it may look awkward. If your date has chosen the place or ordered the food, you can compliment by saying, nice place or nice food. Before the date is over, it’s always better to say it was nice meeting you and I will love to meet you again. It will increase your chances for a second date without making you look desperate. You can also compliment about other things than just their appearance such as their smile, sense of humour, intelligence, or great taste in food and music. It will make them feel important and will make them think that you paid attention and they actually mattered to you as paid importance to what they said or about their choices.

Keep a Good Body Language

Along with how you dress and what you talk about, your body language also gives away a lot about your personality so you must take care of your body language on a first date to make a good impression. Simple signs like making eye contact, listening carefully to what the other person is saying, making eye contact, and leaning forward are a few things that will make the other person think that you are actually there during the first date. Things like looking at your phone again and again, looking here and there can make you look bored or nervous. Be confident, and make the other person feel that you are actually present there and it will help a lot to leave a lasting impression during the first date.

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