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5 Signs That Could Indicate Insecurity In A Relationship

Insecurities often lead to the downfall of relationships. Here are some signs that insecurities have crept into your relationship and must be resolved immediately.

Insecurities in relationships are pretty prevalent, regardless of the duration or intensity of affection; there will come a point when one partner needs reassurance from the other. This occurs when we are overworked or worry that we aren’t physically attractive enough. One method to build our bonds with others is to reassure them. But when this want turns into an obsession, it signifies poisonous insecurity in the partnership. As time passes, it might destroy your relationship if you don’t learn to spot the warning symptoms of insecurity.

You Are Scared To Be Alone

Having a persistent dread of losing your partner is an indicator of insecurity in a relationship. In addition, feeling unlovable is a significant contributor to relationship anxiety. As a result, you may worry unduly about whether or not your partner is fond of you, thinks you attractive, finds you bothersome, or wishes to leave a visitor for someone else. This worry is understandable if you and your partner have just weathered a stormy period during which your trust may have been broken.

You Are Always Jealous

Jealousy is customary and even good at some point in a relationship. Since you’re already in a serious relationship, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want someone to ruin your progress. But there’s a line beyond which even good jealousy becomes crippling insecurity. Here are some of the most often encountered manifestations of jealousy:

You Want To Control

Acts of exerting control, such as insisting on cutting ties with acquaintances who make you feel uneasy. A sign of a healthy relationship isn’t getting overly attached to your partner. Meanness and petty actions, including trying to provoke jealousy in your partner by making new friends or flirting with other people. Jealousy is tricky, but not impossible, to get over. In the heat of the moment, this deceptive feeling may seem totally warranted, but it’s not worth risking a good friendship or romantic partnership to indulge. Get some experience overcoming personal obstacles to trusting others and your partner.

You Ask For Your partner’s Passwords

Insecurities in a marriage might manifest as a need for constant access to your partner’s personal gadgets and online accounts. You can be worried, wondering if your partner uses shady apps or has indecent exchanges in their inbox. However, you shouldn’t be a relationship cop hoping to keep them in line.

You Keep Checking Their Social Accounts

Your fears won’t disappear just because you know your partner’s phone number and email passwords. So you check your partner’s social media accounts constantly instead of using their smartphone.

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