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Six Red Flags You Should Not Ignore in a Relationship

Loving someone and getting the love back can be one of the best things that happened in your life because we all need that connection with someone that makes us feel good about life but not all relationships need to make our life better. Some can damage our well-being instead of bettering it. If you notice these six red flags in your relationship, it means that the relationship is getting toxic and it’s better not to ignore those red flags which can make your life worse instead of what you expected from the relationship.

In today’s day and age, romantic relationships become very fragile because love today is not seen through the same spectrum as people saw two decades before and it has its pros and cons. Unlike in earlier days, being in a relationship is not always about soulmates who will be together for a lifetime. The negative thing about today’s relationships is that like most other things today, it’s all about convenience, and on the positive side, you need not be in a relationship just for the sake of it. Getting out of a toxic relationship is always better than being together unhappily. Here are six red flags in a relationship that might indicate to you that this is the time you shall rethink about your relationship and whether it is worth it.

Over Controlling Behaviour

Being in a relationship is not about your life being centred around just one person. Your relationship is an important part of your life just like other important parts of your life which can be anything from your career to your family. If your partner thinks that the relationship is the most important thing in both of your lives and tries to control you beyond a boundary then it’s the time you should give this relationship a second thought. Of course, when in a relationship, one should have some control over the other but just to an extent. If your partner is always trying to control your decisions, beliefs, and movements then it’s a clear sign of a red flag in your relationship.


More than anything else, the most important thing in a romantic relationship is trust. If your partner breaks that trust by cheating on you and later apologising that it was a mistake, then it’s a red flag if it can happen once then it can happen again. No relationship can work without trust and if that trust is broken once then you will always be worrying about it may happen again. A healthy relationship requires trust from both sides and cheating is a major red flag you can’t ignore in a relationship.

Insist on being Physical Even If You Don’t Want it Now

We understand that physical intimacy is very important in a romantic relationship but it should be mutual. If you are taking one step at a time and want to give your relationship some time before moving to the next step, but your partner insists on being physical even if you are not ready for it at this stage then you shall understand that your partner might be just using you for physical needs and it’s a major red flag in a romantic relationship. If your partner is trying to break the boundary without your will then it’s time that you should give this relationship a second thought and try to understand the real motive of your partner in the relationship.

Not Being Supportive of Your Goals

Everyone has some goals in his/her life and if your partner is not supportive of your goals then it is going to be a tough road ahead for sure. Whenever you try to talk about your dreams and what you want to achieve in your life and your partner seems disinterested about it or laughs it out then it’s a red flag in your relationship you should not ignore. If you are serious about this relationship and see it as a long-term relationship but your partner is not supportive or just doesn’t care about your goals, then in the future, it might become a big problem. In a healthy relationship, both partners should be supportive of each other’s goals, talk about them, and discuss how to achieve them. If a partner is not supportive about your goals and ignores them when you talk about them then it can mean that your partner is insecure or not serious about the relationship as a long-term relationship.

The Relationship is Centred Around Them

In a romantic relationship, both partners try their best to keep each other happy and sometimes even sacrifice what you like or love because your partner wants something. It can be a small thing like what movie to watch or what to order in a restaurant and it’s normal also but if you notice that it’s only you who is making all the sacrifices, no matter how small it is then it’s a clear sign that the relationship is centred around your partner and you are always on the backseat. It’s ok to compromise sometimes but it should not always be you who compromises. In a healthy relationship, compromises are made from both sides and balance things together and if it’s not happening so in your case then it’s something you should not ignore.

Physical, Mental or Emotional Abuse

Any kind of abuse, be it physical, mental, or emotional cannot be ignored and is definitely a big red flag in your relationship. It’s easy to figure out physical abuse and you can get out of your relationship if it’s physical easily but understanding mental or emotional abuse is not that easy. If your partner always says about leaving you or breaking the relationship even during a small argument then it’s a clear sign of emotional abuse or if your partner makes you a scapegoat for his/her own problems then it’s a sign of mental abuse which you shall not ignore. Any kind of abuse is not acceptable in a relationship and makes the relationship toxic which worsens your life instead of making it better and there is no point in being in such a relationship.

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