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Five Simple Tips To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

In today’s day and age, especially in cities, most people lead a stressful and unhealthy life because of which many people find it difficult to have a sound sleep at night. Not getting good sleep at night is a condition known as insomnia and many people are suffering from it.

Typically, a healthy and normal person requires nearly 8-9 hours of sleep every night and the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep you have. Insomnia is a common problem nowadays and there can be many reasons behind it, such as leading an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of proper diet, stress, etc, and in some cases it’s hereditary also. Medicines are available which can make you sleep but the problem arises when it becomes a habit and these medicines have side effects too. Here are five tips that will help you to get a good night’s sleep.

Lavender oil

People have been using lavender oil for thousands of years as a natural remedy to solve sleep-related issues, along with inducing feelings of calmness. The patches of lavender patches, and their combination with  good sleep hygiene, improve the quality of sleep and helps to have a sound sleep at night. Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers and buds of the plant people use as a pillow spray or in a patch. Getting a lavender oil massage oil, or using it as an aromatherapy diffuser also helps to cure insomnia.  Lavender is generally safe for people but if you are taking some sleep medications then it’s better to use it after consulting a doctor.


Practising yoga provides a  positive effect on your sleep quality. Yoga, which helps reduce stress which is one of the main causes of insomnia, makes physical functioning better, along with boosting mental focus. You can join a yoga class according to your convenience and practise it regularly as it has many benefits apart from making your quality of sleep better. There are various types of yoga and for curing insomnia you shall select meditation or breath work with less difficult physical movements. Controlled and slow yoga postures help to stay present and focused. Yin and restorative yoga are great options in case you are having problems sleeping at night. Try to practise a few longer sessions each week, and daily self-practice of at least 20 minutes. Yoga helps in calming your mind, better circulation of blood in the body, and annihilating physical stress which are quite vital to have a good night’s sleep.


From ancient times, people from almost all civilisations used massage therapy as it helps people with insomnia by improving their sleep quality and making their bodies feel relaxed. It might also help in reducing pain if you have  anxiety or depression. If you can’t go for a professional massage because of any reason then you can do a self-massage. Mostly lavender oil, peppermint oil, sandalwood oil, and cedarwood oil, are used for massaging but if these are not available then pure coconut or mustard oil can also be used. While getting the massage, you need to allow your mind to concentrate on the feelings and sensations of touch because it makes you relaxed and stress-free. Sometimes people are allergic to certain types of oils, and creams, so you should do a skin patch test before using them.


Diet is a very important factor that affects your sleep quality. If you have insomnia then you need to take care of what you eat and drink. Eating a healthy diet has an array of benefits, but try not to eat heavy meals before going to bed and there should be at least one hour of gap between your dinner and going to sleep. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. If you like drinking coffee then have it by mid-afternoon and you shall not drink alcohol after eating your dinner. Drinking warm milk or chamomile tea before bedtime makes it easy for you to fall asleep.

Limit activities in bed

You should understand that bed is for sleeping and not watching your mobile, reading books, making phone calls, playing games on mobile, or chatting. Nowadays smartphones have become a habit but stop using mobile phones before an hour of you hitting the bed. Mobile emits light that is mostly blue which makes it harder for you to sleep and most importantly it keeps you distracted. You have to balance all these things because these things make your brain alert and hence make it difficult to fall asleep. The temperature, lighting, and noise of your bedroom should be comfortable for you as they all affect your sleeping pattern.

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