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Best Plant-Based Substitutes for Meat

People nowadays are becoming very health conscious because of awareness and many are turning vegetarians because of health or any other reason. But if you have been a meat eater ever since you remember then it can be quite difficult for you as you will start missing the taste of meat and meat is a good source of protein also. But nowadays there are many plant-based substitutes for meat that are tasty and also rich in protein.

Meat and other non-vegetarian items are the best sources of protein and lots of other nutrients and if you are thinking of turning vegetarian but worried about your daily need for protein then there is no need to worry at all. There are lots of plant-based substitutes and vegetables which are rich in protein along with being tasty. Some plant-based substitutes of meat you will find equally tasty and full of various nutrients include:


Tofu is one of the best meat substitutes and it’s been a rich source of various nutrients especially in South- Asia for hundreds of years. Soaked soya beans are used to make tofu and these soaked soya beans are mashed with water to form a smooth puree. It is considered healthy because it contains a low-calorie source of protein.  Tofu is a very rich source of protein, which is rare in plant-based foods so you need not to worry about your daily protein needs anymore and it’s also rich in many nutrients and minerals, such as iron and calcium, which are quite important for vegan diets. It’s available in many variants, such as aromatic, smoked versions, and marinated varieties flavoured with lots of herbs and spices.


Fermented soybeans are used to make tempeh. Tempeh is a thick, loaf-like food item that is quite tasty that can be eaten as slices in sandwiches, cubed in salads, or sizzled and smoked on a pan. It’s a complete source of protein which means it has all nine amino acids, and because it’s fermented, tempeh also contains healthy gut bacteria that are good for our digestive system. It contains calcium, making it vital for strong bones, and it also has antioxidants, which help to avert a range of diseases. Tempeh also contains isoflavones, which might help to stop the development of certain cancers, and last but not least its high manganese levels helps to regulate blood sugar and bone growth.

Oat flakes

Oat flakes are a delicious meat substitute that can be used to prepare tasty cutlets. These cutlets are prepared using fried oat dough and then fusion with vegetable broth, a little amount of fat such as butter, minced carrots, and veggies which contain protein. Oat flakes are rich in zinc and iron and you can have oat flakes with milk as a healthy breakfast.  Oat flakes also contain complex carbohydrates, which can make you full for a long period and thus it is helpful to lose weight also and avert obesity, a common problem especially in developed and developing nations.  Oats are a tasty source of protein and are even available in the form of ‘pulled oats’, a good substitute for pulled pork.


Seitan is made from wheat gluten where the starch is removed from the wheat generally by rinsing it with water. This procedure is used to make seitan, a protein-dense food whose taste is similar to chicken and will be loved by people who recently turned vegetarian and miss the taste of chicken. Seiten is used in various mocked meat products which taste like meat but are purely plant-based. It is dense and chewy, with its little mild flavour, and is often flavoured with soy sauce or other marinades. But it’s not for people who eat gluten-free diets.

Black Beans

Black beans are unprocessed and very high protein food, a perfect substitute for the protein from the meat. Along with protein it also contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, fibre, copper, zinc, and antioxidants, making black beans quite a healthy choice for anyone, irrespective of being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The antioxidants present in black beans protect the cells in your body and decrease your risk of health disorders such as heart disease and cancer.

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