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Are You Over-Conditioning Your Hair?

Why is over-conditioning bad for your hair? For the simple reason that there is a limit to the amount of humidity that your hair can withstand.

Your hair might suffer irreparable damage if you apply too much conditioner on it – day in and day out. The hair can become dry, brittle, unmanageable, oily, and limp if too much conditioner is used. A simple solution to this problem is to reduce the amount of hair conditioner you use and the frequency with which you use additional style products.

For what purpose are hair conditioners used? 

Conditioner is used to the hair after shampooing to soften and detangle the strands and add moisture. It improves the texture of your hair by nourishing it, taming frizz, and strengthening it. It covers the hair shafts with a protective layer. Your hair’s natural luster and body, indicators of good health, come from this layer. In addition to these benefits, conditioner also makes hair smoother and more manageable.

Over-conditioning: What Is It?

When you condition your hair too much, you seal in too much moisture and weigh down the cuticles. This prevents the hair oil or serum from penetrating the hair cuticle and doing its job. You lose volume and your hair becomes overly soft.

When you apply hair conditioner, you’re adding another layer of product to the hair shafts. Over-conditioning may happen if you use too much conditioner, leave it in for too long, use a conditioner that isn’t formulated for your hair type, don’t rinse it out well, or condition your hair too often. To add insult to injury, you may also over-condition your hair by applying additional style products and moisturizing treatments on top of your conditioner.

Over-Conditioning Your Hair: Telltale Signs

There are telltale indicators that you may have applied too much conditioner. You may have over-conditioned your hair if it exhibits the following symptoms.

When you use too much conditioner, your hair becomes lifeless and weighed down. Because of the excess moisture, hair becomes extremely soft, appears sticky, and loses its natural volume. In addition, the lack of volume will make it appear thin and heavy.

Curly hair that has been over-conditioned will lose its elasticity and become unmanageable. Over-conditioning makes it hard to create updo hairstyles. The hair will also slip out from behind the bobby pins if you attempt an updo.
Hair that has been over-conditioned is exceedingly lanky, making it difficult to manage and style.
A hair conditioner’s key benefit is the smoothness and shine it gives your hair. But if you use more of it, your hair will become really greasy.

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