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How To Contour Your Face – 4 Simple Ways And Tips

The secret behind a perfect makeup look is contouring. Here is how to contour your face as a beginner.

Creating a perfect contour doesn’t need years of practice or the skills of a professional makeup artist. True, it might be daunting, especially when you realize that a few well-placed strokes can dramatically alter your facial features. When you have mastered the fundamentals, though? Cheeks, it’s good to see you again. You can have a chiseled face in five minutes if you know what you’re doing. Find all the celebrity makeup advice you could need and a tutorial to draw those lines below.

What is contouring?

Contouring is a cosmetic technique that gives natural dimension and depth to your features by generating shadows and brightness in different places of the face. Those deeper tones, when used thoughtfully, may provide the impression of profundity and a chiseled physique. While lighter colors (like a highlighter) might draw attention to a specific region, darker tones can make your features (cheekbones, jawline, nose, etc.) stand out. You may now contour using a cool-toned powder or even blush in addition to a dedicated contouring stick or palette. The term “contouring” refers to using cosmetics to carve out specific areas of your face.

Face contouring techniques

Only some seek definitions in the same spots, so your final contour map may vary significantly based on your face shape. But, don’t worry; we’ll show you the exact steps to take to get that chiseled look:

Select a contouring product

You may use a cream color stick, a beauty blender, a bronzer, a fluffy brush, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Your body’s natural oil content will determine the optimum product to use. Powder contours are best for oily and [combination] skin types, while cream or liquid formulas may work better for those with dry skin.

Emphasis on your cheekbones

Emphasize your cheekbones by painting a line from the base of your ear toward your nose and finishing just where your eye begins (see her explain this if you need a picture). It may be helpful to use a contour stick to get a clean, defined line. To incorporate, combine the product and rub it upward. Blending upward can assist in highlighting your features while combining downward will make your face look heavier.

Sketch out the hairline

There are several ways to set the hairline: To achieve this, start gliding the product down both sides of your hair (without linking them within the middle) and putting a tiny line on your temples, precisely where the brows terminate; this can create the appearance of a taller, diamond-shaped hairline.

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