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Three ways to deeply hydrate your skin

‘Hydration’, as the word suggests, refers to the process of absorbing water. This word has been in the limelight recently, from health experts to beauticians; everyone highlighted hydration as the key element to maintaining a healthy body or skin. So, here are some basic tips to keep your skin hydrated, especially in this winter season.

Skin hydration is a process of keeping your skin supple and soft by treating it with the right amount of moisture and consuming ample water. Our skin is responsible for many significant bodily functions, including removing toxins through sweat, maintaining body temperature, and creating a protective shield around the body against the bacteria and microorganisms in the environment. Therefore, keeping the skin at its optimal level of being is necessary. It can be done by following some right hydration-restoring practices. This article will help you to find those. Read on to know the musts you should do to deeply hydrate your skin.

Are you Drinking Enough Water?

We tend to focus more on cosmetic products when it is about keeping your skin hydrated or restoring the skin’s moisture balance. But we seldom remember to give what it needs the most to replenish the hydration. In a nutshell, you need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. The experts say an adult should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or 3 litres daily. According to studies, our body consists of approximately 70% water, and our skin comprises 30% water. Drinking enough water removes toxins from our bodies and helps our skin tissues to stay hydrated. Lacking the required amount of water can cause dry, dehydrated skin and an untimely appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. To keep the skin moisture balanced and its function at an optimal level, consuming ample amounts of water is a must.

Pick up a healthy lifestyle

Another way to keep your skin well hydrated and healthy is not well spoken of. It is to live a healthy life with good dietary choices. Besides drinking ample water, you need to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your food charts to maintain healthy, hydrated skin, such as those rich in essential fatty acids or fruits like lemon that contain vitamin C. You need to cut down on your alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake. They may give us momentary delights but are harmful in the long run and can lead to body and skin dehydration. You also need to limit taking hot showers for too long as it makes the skin dry. Getting enough sleep for at least 7-8 hours per day helps to heal your skin’s moisture barrier and eventually keep it hydrated.

Pay attention to your skincare routine

Picking up the right products and a precise skincare routine that suits your skin and maintains the right hydration level is very necessary. Hydration can come from very specific skincare ingredients as well. Therefore, no matter what your skin type is (be it dry, oily, or sensitive), always choose products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These are essential to maintain your skin’s moisture and suppleness. You should also frequently use lotions, ointments and creams based on your skin type and needs. To avoid stripping essential oil from your skin, switch to gentle, fragrance-free cleansers. Use a Vitamin C mask or serum or take it orally, as it will help boost collagen production and eventually reduce the risk of wrinkles and fine lines.

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