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Want Super Long Hair Super Quick? Use Onion Juice

Hair growth may be accelerated by using onion juice, which has been shown to be super effective. See below for instructions on how to utilise onion juice to combat thinning hair.

Everyone yearns for hair that is both strong and shiny. So many of us are obsessed with finding ways to grow our hair out so that it looks its best, and we will not rest until we achieve this goal. And no one wants to deal with issues like thinning hair, balding, or greying hair. Onion juice may be used to cure a variety of hair issues, including re-growing hair that has been lost or just improving the quality of the hair you already have.

How Does It Help

The use of onion juice has been shown effective in stimulating new hair development and regrowing lost hair. It’s a fantastic option for fixing a variety of hair problems. The antioxidant enzyme catalase, which is increased by drinking onion juice, promotes hair development. Because of the sulphur it contains, it is good for your hair follicles. Reduced hair loss and fewer split ends are additional benefits of sulfur’s high concentration in this food.

See below for instructions on how to utilise onion juice to combat thinning hair.

Onion juice and honey hair mask

Making a homemade onion juice and honey hair mask requires minimal effort and time. Two tablespoons of onion juice extract and one teaspoon of honey is all that is needed. Spread it in your hair, wait 20 minutes, and then rinse it off.

You may expect your hair to grow longer and shine brighter after using this hair mask. Inflammation of the scalp and dandruff problems are also alleviated.

Onion juice and castor oil mask

A mask of onion juice and castor oil can be applied to the hair.  You need to combine equal parts of onion juice and castor oil. Apply it to your scalp an hour before you want to wash your hair, and make sure it’s thoroughly mixed.

This mask can be used twice or thrice weekly to promote healthy hair growth. Alternatives to castor oil include coconut oil and other natural oils. Applying castor oil once a month, as recommended, has been said to increase hair growth by as much as five times the normal rate.

Onion juice and aloe vera mask

Onion juice and aloe vera may be used to form a hair mask, as can any other similar combination. You may use a blender, grater, or juicer to quickly and easily remove the onion juice. Then, strain the liquid and combine it with some aloe vera gel. A little olive oil would be nice, too.

Separate your hair into sections, then rub onion juice into your scalp. Apply, wait 30 minutes (or longer if you can stand the odour), and then rinse off. This medicine is most effective when used twice weekly.

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