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5 Ways Communication Gap Is Killing Your Relationship

Just like healthy and heart-to-heart communication can build strong bonds, the lack of effective communication can also break relationships. Here is how. 

The lack of communication severely hinders a person’s chances of success in a romantic relationship. Intimacy between couples is only possible if both parties can fully express themselves and get a positive feedback. Therefore, better communication between you and your significant other is the key to building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Read on to know them all.

You Are Trying To Win

Before beginning a discussion with a partner: disarm yourself first. In other words, stop trying to prove yourself correct. You’re not entering a fight that must be won. This in no way implies that you must give in or make concessions. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever feel anger, frustration, or provocation. Feel free to express any emotion and concept that arises in your mind. Remember that your companion could actually say something insightful. There is no need to prove anything or win any arguments in this discussion.

You Are Not Open To Discussions

Only you know your ideas, feelings, and perceptions going into a discussion, and that’s all there is to it. Nothing else, not even the truth of the situation between you and the other person, is outside the scope of doubt. Therefore, you need to discuss what you feel open to let your partner know your side of the story.

You Are Not Open About Your Desires

It’s not uncommon for people to keep their desires to themselves out of shame. We don’t mean superficial desires like “I want to try that new restaurant,” “I want new clothes,” or “I want to take a vacation.” Now, I desire you to compliment me, I wish to be friendly with you, and I hope to have a kid with you. These desires emerge from the most sensitive parts of yourself. If you don’t speak them out or communicate them to your partner, the walls between you will only get stronger.

You Are Not Listening To One Another

You and your spouse probably gained a more profound knowledge of each other’s experiences and emotions by sharing intimate details about yourselves and receiving attentive listening. Similarly, when your spouse opened up to you personally, and you listened attentively, you both likely gained a richer knowledge of each other’s perspectives, emotions, and experiences.

You Are Not Sharing Thoughts With Your Partner Anymore

What you and his partner have learned so far about each other, yourselves, and your relationship can be worth reviewing at this stage in the dialogue. By sharing your newfound knowledge, you and your partner can pinpoint the specific causes of tension inside your relationship. With this newfound knowledge, you can protect yourself in the future. But if you do end up in conflict with one another, you’ll be able to identify the issue and take action promptly. So even when you fight, quarrel, or just loathe each other, make sure you talk it out to solve the problems together as a team.

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