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7 Foods That Contain Alarming Amounts Of Sugar

It is easy to underestimate your daily sugar intake as it is mostly disguised as ‘sugar-free’ in common food items. So here are some foods you need to avoid at all costs.

Let’s get something straight: sugar is terrible for you. Consuming it regularly and in significant amounts will only harm the body. It has adverse effects on your skin’s elasticity, your waistline, and even your internal organs. In addition, sugar itself might have addictive properties. Many individuals are trying to reduce their sugar intake, but it’s easy to be fooled by the seemingly healthful goods on store shelves that lure you into thinking you’re not eating nearly as much sugar as you actually are.


Ketchup must be good for you as it is derived from tomatoes, and tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C. Obviously not. To put it in numbers, there is one teaspoon of sweetness in every tablespoon of ketchup. So be careful how much ketchup you consume.

Fruit drink

The nutrients and vitamins in whole fruits can also be found in fruit juice, with the addition of sugar. And this extra component is abundant, particularly in concentrated fruit juices. The sugar content of freshly squeezed fruit juices is similarly high. One glass of juice has much more sugar than whole fruit, making it a convenient method to increase sugar intake.

Protein bars

Incorporating protein bars into your diet is a novel approach to consuming more of this essential macro nutrient. However, there is more than simply protein in these bars. They have a lot of sugar in them. This typical snack food is closer to a candy bar than a savory option because some kinds have 30 grams of sugar per bar.

Ready-to-eat soups

One of the easiest ways to increase the number of veggies in your diet is to increase the amount of soup you consume. Though traditional soups have no added sugar, the canned variant sometimes does. Sucrose, maltose, high-fructose corn syrup, and other sugar syrups may be included in some canned soups. All of them add to the sweetness of the broth. Look at the list of ingredients on the product’s packaging to determine which variant has the lowest amount of sugar and buy that one instead.

Morning cereal

Cereal is an easy and quick way to start the day. However, if you regularly consume these morning cereals, you may consume too much sugar. Each serving of certain cereals may include as much as three tablespoons of sugar. Find a cereal that has a low sugar content by reading the label.

Green tea with flavorings

While it’s true that green tea has health benefits, it’s still being determined whether or not those benefits extend to flavored green tea. This drink may benefit your health due to its low caffeine & high antioxidant content. However, if you choose the flavored type to indulge your taste buds, you may consume excessive sugar.

Spaghetti sauce

Do you know how much sugar is in spaghetti sauce, despite how tasty it tastes? Having 10 grams of sugar in only one serving, there are better choices than this sauce. You may skip the store-bought variety and prepare your own sugar-free version instead.

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