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6 VR Fitness Games That Make You Sweat

VR is the new tool for fitness. Here are some VR games recommended by Bagley and other experts in the field that will help you stay fit in style!

Virtual Reality has been an essential tool in the hands of mankind to visualize an environment and make use of the stimulation. However, while VR games have gained quite a popularity in recent years, the scope of fitness also joined hands with it when it was seen that certain games kept the players on their toes and helped them stay fit. So if you have been looking for VR games to invest in to shed the extra pounds, look no more. Here are the games recommended by experts with the highest popularity. Read on to know them all.


Supernatural is the game with the highest rating for virtual reality experience used for increasing physical fitness. It was launched in 2017 to study augmented Reality and its effects on wellness. This is a paid fitness platform with a growing library of over 500 workout simulators. You can choose your fitness style from several options, including boxing, yoga, Pilates, etc. It is led by virtual instructors, and you can experience it in the backdrop of stunning destinations like a volcano or a white sand beach. How exciting would that be?

Beat Saber

In the words of Bagley, this game is addictive! You use the controllers as lightsabers. You can swing a red lightsaber in one hand and a blue lightsaber in another. Slicing through moving objects in rhythm to beat the opponents. If this game doesn’t make you grow biceps, what will!

Thrill Of The Fight

Thrill Of The Fight is just one of several games that have had their caloric expenditures reviewed by the VR Health Institute. It was found that people actually needed the most metabolic rate per minute among the games investigated. The caloric expenditure of players varied widely from 9.74 to 15.32 per moment, comparable to that of a real-world rowing activity.


Tim Donahey, a personal trainer, started using Holoball as one of four daily virtual reality training exercises to counteract the weight he’d gained in the first half of 2016. The game is basically virtual racquetball where players hit neon colors balls on the walls of a colorful room. This game can get your heart rate pretty high and keep you in the active zone as long as you are on it.


Sorensen suggests giving FitXR a try if you want to expand your workout options. The platform hosts a wide range of fitness studios, such as those dedicated to boxing, trying to dance, and high-intensity, high-interval HIIT training. In addition, members pay a monthly fee to access the library’s extensive collection of exercises, updated daily with on-demand classes.

Goalkeeper VR

Keeping the goal wire safe from arriving soccer balls will involve focus, collaboration, and rapid preconception from the defender. You’ll likely use your ankles, feet, and biceps to deflect balls, so be prepared to jump. Lunge toward the side or slide on your knuckles. Donahey looks out for the virtual reality fitness tracker Goalkeeper VR if you’re interested in stepping into their own shoes the day without the massive strain.

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