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5 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Relationship

Maintaining a relationship is no rocket science; however, most people get it wrong. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

When two people share a seat under a tree on a chilly day but maintain their distance, you know that the relationship has become toxic & dysfunctional. The once warm and sweet sentiments have turned cold and nasty, and the paradise has become a nightmare. Increasing numbers of individuals are beginning to doubt the validity of marriage as a social institution due to rising divorce rates. Even the healthiest marriages are tested by issues like adultery, midlife crises, & financial disparities, but how you talk things over with your partner may be equally crucial. Here are some mistakes to avoid in a relationship.

Constant Criticism

Just picture your significant other’s reaction if all your efforts and proposals, no matter how good they are, were treated with skepticism and opposition. Not the best, is it? You question their character and morals rather than addressing your issues with their specific conduct and how it affects you. It’s never pleasant to be the target of an assault, but attacks on one’s character hurt the most. Critique, especially excessive or harsh, may tax one’s self-esteem and lead to anxiety, wrath, and resentment. Negative emotions and actions tend to snowball when triggered by a perceived attack because of the natural human tendency to seek vengeance.

Silent Treatment

Discordant behaviors in a marriage include silent treatment, disengagement, and estrangement. Isn’t it true that all of us are accused of this to a certain extent? Sometimes, rather than discussing the issue with a collaborator, we only work with them. We shut off communication and made it difficult for our spouse to understand us and meet our requirements. The other person’s sentiments of bitterness and negativity might grow as a result of your stonewalling. Distancing oneself physically or emotionally hinders communication and is harmful to a relationship.


Dr. John Gottman discovered that disdain is the most reliable indicator of future marital discord in his extensive study of married couples. Marriages suffer when disrespect is present. Expressions of disdain for another person can be seen in actions like insulting, berating, and shaming the target. When the one person in your life who should be your rock also treats you contemptuously, it casts a shadow on your relationship.


‘Nagging’ is described by Wall Street Journal as “the encounter in which one person makes a request, some other person ignores it, and both get progressively frustrated.” Adopting a nagging attitude can poison a marriage and eventually lead to its breakdown. Nobody likes to be treated like an ungrateful brat. Nagging may drive a wedge between a pair. Therefore it’s best to avoid doing it. If you see that it’s making things worse instead of better, you should try something else.

Ignoring Problems

Problems tend to escalate when partners withdraw from one another rather than talk things through and find solutions. These tend to bubble up as justifications during arguments, further harming the bond. Many married people put on a brave front and seem like everything is OK so they don’t have to confront one another about their issues. Even if it manages to keep the peace between them for the long being, the problem will inevitably resurface if it isn’t resolved.

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