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Workout Tips for People Who Don’t Have Time to Join a Gym

In today’s world, it’s very important to be fit and healthy because we are living in a world where most of the things we consume or do are mostly unhealthy, especially in big cities. Joining a gym is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and healthy but many people are not able to go to the gym because of their busy work schedule or some other unavoidable reason. For such people, there are various ways where they can work out without joining a gym with whatever free time they have with them.

Our body is the only true thing we possess and we must keep it fit and healthy. But in today’s busy world, many people don’t get enough time to do physical exercises by joining a gym but no need to worry because there are many ways by which you can keep yourself healthy without joining a gym. All you need to take out a little time from your busy schedule and follow some workout tips which will help you to be fit and healthy. Here are a few workout tips for people who don’t have enough time to join a gym.

Cardio Exercise

If you don’t have time to join a gym and spend one hour five times a week there then cardio exercises can be very helpful for you which you can do whenever you have some free time. There are 24 hours a day and you can at least take out 20 to 30 minutes for some kind of physical activity which will help you to keep yourself fit and healthy. Cardio exercises do not need much time and effort and have many benefits. Some cardio exercises you can do are running, jogging, and cycling, and if any day you don’t get time to do even these cardio exercises, then you can use stairs instead of lift while going to your office or house. If your working place is not more than thirty minutes of distance from your home, you can go walking to your job instead of using your car, bike, or any kind of transportation system at least three days a week, if not every day. Go for a simple walk in a nearby park with a friend, with your kid, or even alone and just enjoy the greenery around while walking. These things may seem very simple but they are very useful to keep you healthy.


Get yourself a treadmill and spend at least thirty minutes on it and you will notice the changes in your body within a few weeks. Many a times you may not be able to go jogging, walking, or running for some unavoidable reason and in such instances, a treadmill is very helpful. Just give thirty minutes to your busy schedule after the office or early in the morning and run on the treadmill till you sweat and it will give you the same results as running or jogging. Sometimes you can hop on a treadmill holding a three- to five-pound dumbbell in each hand and set the speed to a brisk walk and it will work as a weight lifting exercise also. It’s a great upper-body exercise that also gets your heart pumping and also helps to improve your blood circulation.


Swimming is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit without going to the gym and it’s fun also. You can join a swimming club or if you have a swimming club in your society then spend at least half an hour five days a week swimming and within a few days you will notice changes in your health. There are many benefits of swimming such as it helps in losing weight, increases your heart rate without stressing your body, builds strength and endurance and it’s good for your cardiovascular system as it makes your heart and lungs strong, along with reducing your blood pressure and controlling your blood sugar levels. Swimming is fun also especially during summer as it helps to keep you fresh and energised.


It’s not necessary that you need to join a yoga class to do yoga. All you need to do is take out only about twenty minutes, in the morning if possible and do asanas of yoga right in your living room. Wondering how you will get to know the asanas and postures you need to do? Various DVDs, apps on your mobile, and videos on YouTube are available nowadays you can watch and follow the instructions given there and practice yoga. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise from India that not only helps to keep your body fit but improves your mental health also. There are many benefits of yoga and you can start with the easy asanas and then with regular practices you can move into tough ones. Yoga also includes breathing exercises that help in keeping your respiratory system healthy.

After all the above-mentioned things, you must have understood that you need not join a gym to be fit and healthy. All you need is some amount of discipline and a little time to keep yourself healthy

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