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Things to Take Care of When Your Child Becomes a Teenager

The adolescent days or the teenage years are probably the best period in one’s life because at this period they start to discover new things and feel emotions they never felt before. And of course the first things of one’s life happen during those days only but as parents, you shall take some measures because teenage years can get one to wrong paths also.

Being the parents of a teenage child and managing them may be quite tough because, during this period, teenagers start to explore new things about themselves and the world. The hormonal changes in their bodies make most of them rebellious and it’s also a very confusing age period for teenagers as they are neither expected to behave like a child or an adult. Parents have to take proper care of their teenage children as this is the age period that shapes their future. Here we are going to discuss a few things that parents should take care of when they become teenagers.

Support Them to Create Their Identity in The World

During the teenage years, because of hormonal changes, your child may go through many emotions which they may not be able to understand. Many times they start comparing themselves to their friends and in such instances, you shall make your child understand that everyone is different and if you can’t be like your friends then they also can’t be able to be like you. What teenagers do at this age might influence how they will turn up as adults. So you have to encourage them to explore new things, both inside and outside.  Encourage them to do activities in which they are interested as at this age they will find out what they want to do when they become adults. Never thrust your choices on them and help them create their own identity in the world. Encourage them to make friends who have a positive mindset and stay away from friends with negative vibes because companionship matters very much and encourages their friendships.  See their rebellion as courage and see from the perspective that they are trying to become something they are meant to be and if they are confused, help them get rid of the confusion.

Set Boundaries

During the teenage years, one can get into bad habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, etc so keep a check on them. We are not saying that you shall hire a detective to keep track of them but have a free talk with them and discuss the repercussions these things can do to them. Become friends with them but along with it, you need to set some boundaries also like having a schedule for themselves, a particular time to get back home. If they are planning to go out with friends, you need to set a few boundaries on where, when and with whom they can be and what time they have to be at home. Limit their social media uses and if possible try to stop them from making profiles on social media till they reach the age of at least 16.

Talk Freely About Sexual Education

In India, parents find it awkward to discuss sex with their teenage son/daughter but you must discuss sexual education with them. Hormonal changes at this age lead to attraction towards the opposite sex and it’s quite natural but teach your child where to draw a line. Discuss with them about the harmful effects of physical intimacy before becoming adults as it can lead to many physical and mental issues. Tell them that there is a time for everything and it’s not the age to get indulged in such things. They can be friends with the opposite sex but physical intimacy should be avoided. Instead use that energy for other productive things such as studies, sports, etc.

Listen to your Teenage Child

One of the most common problems teenagers face is that their parents don’t listen to them which can make them more rebellious. Try to listen to them and try to understand what they are trying to say. Sit with them, discuss their school, studies, and friends, and make them comfortable talking freely with you so that they do not need to hide things from you which can have negative repercussions in the future. If they are right about something, always support them and if they are wrong, make them understand why it’s wrong. It will help both the parents and their teenage child to have a healthy relationship. Provide them the time to express themselves freely and give support whenever they need it. Try to respect what they feel and help them to explore their feelings, acknowledge and help them select an appropriate approach towards life.

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