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How To Plan The Perfect Wellness Getaway With Friends

It would be a dream to spend a month or so in the Maldives, relaxing on a gorgeous beach. Yes, but that’s probably not how most of us live. However, setting aside time to relax and rejuvenate with loved ones and ourselves at home or nearby could be doable.

Do yourself a favour and get a calendar to begin scheduling some self-care. Get inspired by these examples, or come up with your own.

Take a Short Vacation

Is a relative or close friend in the area willing to put you up for the night? Are there any cheap hotels with pools within two hours of your location? Put together a compact backpack, some food for the drive, and a loose schedule for a quick 24-36 hour mini-trip along with your friends.

Comfort is the primary focus of this plan. Allow yourself plenty of time to go to your destination and back, and get home early enough to get some shut-eye. If you’re the kind that has to “get out of town,” a vacation like this may provide the necessary tranquility (or excitement) to re-energize you.


Make it seem like you’re leaving the station, shut yourself inside, and pretend you’re not there. A “staycation” is to relax and unwind without leaving the house, and cleaning up the house before a staycation is recommended. Get your buddies to join you and hide from the world. Order in, stock up on cozy pajamas, and just gossip and enjoy each other’s company.

Plan A Food Party

Preparing a meal may be a social activity with a companion or quiet me-time for the lonely cook. Use this opportunity to get together with friends and prepare some dishes for the freezer.

Put Down That Phone!

Anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate, or even sadness can result from excessive use of technology. Working, socializing, and relaxing in front of screens causes us to lose touch with our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

Taking a weekend away from technology and just with your friends might help you clear your mind and recharge. Replace your online time with activities like gardening, walking, painting, or redecorating your home with your buds. Make plans to go out for a meal with pals or have a family game night; play some music; or spend some time reading, drawing, painting, or helping others.

Cleaning Up The Mess

While decluttering itself may not be particularly enjoyable, the results are well worth the effort. Use a timer and incorporate lots of snacks and prizes to prevent this from seeming like a typical work weekend. Pick three locations at the most that may benefit from a little less stuff. Examples include the cloakroom, bedroom, and medicine cabinet.

Take four containers and mark them as garbage, recycling, giving, and keeping. Put items where they belong while you work, or find new homes for them.

Having accomplished something you enjoy after the weekend will leave you feeling accomplished and closer to the buddies who help you out.

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