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Great Mental Health Resources You Can Trust

Most people will struggle with their mental health at some point. Depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions are common. However, professional assistance is required when problems with mental health become chronic or severe.

Anyone can get assistance if they need it. Seeking assistance when you feel threatened or when a precarious situation escalates is crucial. Due to the stigma around mental illness, there is a terrible lack of understanding about what is being called an “epidemic” in India. According to a study, just 10-12% of those with mental illness seek treatment. In light of these statistics, let’s shine a light on the groups fighting to dispel stigma, strengthen mental health services across the country, and aid people in need.

MINDS Foundation

The MINDs Foundation was established in 2010 and now includes offices in Mumbai, Vadodara, and Bhavnagar, in addition to its home base in Nizamabad. The group has been diligent in promoting understanding of mental health issues and broadening people’s access to treatment since its establishment. It takes a three-pronged strategy to combat the discrimination suffered by those with mental illness in India. In this first stage, we highlight the value of an education. The MINDS Foundation launched a new initiative to increase literacy in India’s rural areas. They educate the public on the fundamentals of mental disease and the efficacy of treatment with the support of social workers, MINDs employees, and Community Mental Health Workers. The second step involves providing anybody with mental illness with high-quality care at no cost, and the third and final part involves the team working with former patients to help them return to their communities.

Anjali Mental Health Rights Organization

Humanizing mental health care and raising public knowledge about cognitive impairments are two of Anjali Mental Health Rights Organisation’s primary goals. They do this by collaborating with municipal, state, and central administrations. Ratnaboli Ray started the organization to raise awareness about the rights of those who suffer from psycho-social disabilities and to push for national policy changes to prioritize mental health.

The Manas Foundation

In 2000, three psychologists came together to form Manas to transform the delivery of services for people with mental disabilities in India. The program’s founders came from a foundation in basic clinical practise and sought to build a comprehensive initiative to improve the quality of life for underserved populations by providing them with favorable, preventative, and promotional mental health treatments.


Sangath is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of people of all ages. The well-being of children, teenagers, and young adults, as well as the minds of older people, are their top priorities. Four guiding values guide the foundation’s efforts. They want to combine various academic and health disciplines to develop successful therapy by combining the necessary social, psychological, and medical approaches to boost community health. They review and share every case they get with the most significant evidence possible.

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