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How To Create The Perfect Winged Eyeliner?

Winged eyeliners are the secret to mesmerizing eye makeup. Here is how to draw your eyeliner like a pro.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to crafting winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is hardly rocket science, but learning to master it takes time and effort. The cat eye is the ultimate in drama and definition, but getting the perfect wing may be challenging. Here is how you can draw symmetrical wings and even use tools to make the makeup flawless.

How to prep your eyes

Put some concealer on your eyelids as a first step. The concealer will provide a foundation while masking imperfections like spider veins and dark spots. The concealer is everything you need to hide the dark bags under your eyes and the uneven tone of your skin. Use loose powder to set your concealer after you’ve applied it. Eyeliner with a felt tip is recommended for first-timers. It’s simple to use and wipes off easily if something goes wrong. Liquid formats might be a bit tough to grasp if you’re just starting out and wondering how to put liquid eyeliner, but practice makes it absolute! Please use the following helpful hints as you work to improve your abilities.

Put in a bobby pin

The winged eye effect may be achieved with this method. First, apply liquid eyeliner to the V-shaped end of a bobby pin and push it against your eye at the correct angle. Next, connect the stamped wing form to the base of the upper lash line by tracing it with eyeliner. Finally, just fill in the blanks, and you’ll have a simple wing.

Use a credit card

A credit card is a handy item to have on hand for achieving the ideal cat-eye effect. Hold the card on your eye’s outer corner and tilt it so that the top of your eyebrows is touching the card. Use the resulting outline as a guide for sketching your wing using eyeliner.

Tape the wings

Create a clean, well-defined wing with this scotch tape hack. First, place a strip of tape at the desired angle below your bottom lash line. Then, using eyeliner, draw a wing shape around the border of the video. Carefully remove the tape once your eyeliner has dry, and then fill in your wing.

Use a fork

Care must be used while using a fork to create winged eyeliner. First, make your wing as sharp or curved as you like by pressing the tip of a fork on your eyelid. Then, use your eyeliner to draw a line around the fork’s edge.

Draw the connections

This one should be simple for anyone who enjoyed playing connect the dots as a youngster. First, make a line of dots with your eyeliner down your lash line to indicate where the wing will go. Then, just fill in the blanks and connect the dots to complete.

Use tweezers

Creating the classic winged eyeliner effect has never been simpler or more original than this method. You can make a handy triangle-shaped sponge applicator by cutting a sponge in half and coloring one side with eyeliner. Then, apply the sponge as a “wing” over one eye, pick it up with your tweezers, and press it against your skin. You have successfully created your own homemade eyeliner stamp!

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