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Biggest Skincare Trends in Recent Times

From the rise of face masks, retinol and SPF to useful rejuvenating overnight treatments, we have observed a number of skincare trends in the past years. So stick with us till the end to know about the biggest trends and pick the best ones for self-skincare.

The beauty industry has witnessed a myriad of new trends in past years. People have been more indulged in using gentle products for skincare and added products as less as possible to their daily skincare routine. In addition, in past years, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people more aware of their health. And it didn’t just limit to health; people got enough time to invest in themself and focus on skincare. Therefore, the beauty and skincare industry has recently observed some major trends, which include choosing more organic, blue light-protecting and anti-inflammatory skincare products. This article will talk about some of the biggest skincare trends which have been in the limelight in recent times. Read on to know those, and choose the ones best for you.

Choosing Blue Light Protection

Due to the Pandemic and eventually work-from-home practice, screen timing or spending time in front of screens has increased significantly, be it laptop, phone or tabloid. This increased screen timing in our lives can be alarming. The emitted rays from screens can harm our skin in many ways, which include damaging skin cell regeneration, untimely arrival of fine lines and wrinkles or fading skin’s natural radiance. Therefore, the skincare industry has witnessed a major shift towards blue-light-blocking products. In addition, people have started choosing products with SPF that can protect the skin from UV rays and blue light emitted from screens. The companies are also reformulating their products, especially sunscreen, according to that.

Picking up anti-inflammatory skincare

Anti-inflammatory products refer to the goods which help reduce skin’s inflammation and accelerate its natural healing process. Over time, people have become more aware of inflammation-triggering problems and how they can cause skin dysfunction. Therefore, new-age customers are getting more inclined towards anti-inflammatory products and moving away from acid peels and Retin-A alike products. On the other hand, products containing aloe, vitamin B3, or Niacinamide are more on trend as they help restore the skin barrier and kinder to our skin health.

Rise of organic natural skincare products

In recent years, people have noticeably shifted towards more organic and plant-based natural items in terms of skincare products. As people now have become more aware of the present condition of the environment, it has also impacted the skincare industry. As a result, the demand for organic products is increased to reduce carbon footprints on the environment. Apart from that, people also want to stay away from the harsh effect of chemical products and therefore want to add natural, soothing ingredients to their daily skincare routine.

Skin Minimalism & Home Treatments

People have recently started opting for more minimal and simpler skincare routines. They are finding peace with only a few products rather than using a dozen from time to time daily. Switching to natural and minimal products and using less to no makeup products have become more popular among people as it helps strengthen skin barriers and keep the skin hydrated and protected. Also, at-home treatments have become popular, especially during and after the pandemic. People have started preparing various kinds of masks and exfoliators with natural ingredients available at home. The industry has also witnessed an increased sale of several face sheet masks, hydrating face masks and overnight rejuvenating treatments.

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