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7 Common Eating Habits That Lead To Excessive Hair Fall

If you are not eating a balanced diet, it will show on your hair and skin. So instead of investing in expensive hair care products and salon treatments, it’s time to evaluate the nutrition you consume from your meals.

Many people who suffer from uncontrollable hair loss, feel self-conscious about their looks. Although heredity does play a part in hair health & balding patterns, nutrition is also an essential and often neglected aspect of hair development. Concentrated amounts of nutrients necessary for hair growth can have a negative effect and cause hair loss and even baldness. Some common dietary errors that might trigger hair thinning are detailed below.

Eating foods that are rich in mercury

Hair thinning has been linked to mercury exposure. Fish is one of the prevalent ways that people get their mercury intake. Regarding mercury content, certain species should be avoided at all costs. Such seafood as sushi, sardines, swordfish, and some types of tuna fall under this category. The mercury levels in shrimp, salmon, and even light tuna are low enough to make them acceptable alternatives.

Eating a lot of processed sugar-heavy meals

Hair and nail quality are the only aspects of health that might suffer from a diet high in processed sugar. The body responds to a rise in glucose by secreting more insulin; therefore, avoiding added sugars is essential. In addition, an elevation in androgen can cause hair follicles to diminish in size, leading to premature balding.

An Insufficient Protein Diet

Keratin is the protein responsible for giving hair its structure. Therefore, hair loss is linked to a lack of protein in the diet. Depending on the individual, lean meat can provide enough protein. Protein-rich foods like lentils, chard, beans, and tofu are all excellent options for vegetarians.

High-glycemic-loaded diet

Foods with a high glycemic index are rapidly converted into sugar. It follows that these meals are disastrous to hair growth and vitality. In addition, an increase in insulin and androgen production in response to a rise in sugar intake has been shown to have a deleterious effect on hair health. Foods like spaghetti, white bread, & pancakes are examples of carbohydrate-dense and high glycemic index diets.

Vitamin A toxicity

Nutritional supplements containing vitamin A have been linked to improved eye health and visual acuity. However, while vitamin A is essential for healthy hair, taking too much of it might cause it to thin and fall out.

A diet low in calcium

Calcium plays a crucial role in maintaining hair’s health and shine. Your hair and nails may suffer if you don’t get enough calcium. Include dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt in your diet.

An insufficient amount of minerals

Incorporating iron and zinc into your diet is also essential for healthy hair. Keratin development is enhanced, which is critical for healthy hair growth. In addition, iron and zinc are abundant in red meat and seafood, and beans provide a decent supply of these minerals for vegetarians.

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