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7 Best Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

Here is a compiled list of the best aerobics endurance training for weight reduction.

When it comes to losing weight, few activities compare to the success of aerobics. A person weighing roughly 154 pounds can burn 295 calories in 30 minutes of activities like cycling, regardless of whether they use a stationary or geared bike. First, get warmed up by taking it easy for the first minute on the bike before picking up the pace for the next two or three minutes. Then, when you notice a burning sensation in your thighs, slow down; after 5 minutes of high-speed cycling, start slowing down again. Here are a few aerobic exercises that can help you reduce weight faster. Read on to know them all.


Swimming is a significant weight loss aerobic exercise, with a single hour of swimming you can burn 510 calories for a person weighing around 130 to 154 pounds. To be safe, you should put on your swimsuit, cap, & goggles. Ten practice sessions of freestyle swimming will increase your heart rate and work every muscle in your body. To get the most out of swimming, diversify your stroke repertoire.


A person weighing about 154 pounds can burn 295 calories by running but instead jogging for 30 minutes at a speed of 5 miles per hour. So about 590 calories may be burned in an hour of running.

Ball Hoops

Shooting some hoops is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun simultaneously. Lose 220 calories in 30 minutes of intense gameplay and another 440 in the following 60 minutes.


Lifting weights is an everyday at-home aerobic activity for weight loss. A set of weights would be helpful in these aerobic exercises. It combines aerobic exercise with weight lifting. Perform squats & walking lunges while withholding them at the beginning with moderate weights. In one 30-minute session, you can burn 110 calories and make a dent in your waistline with this fat-burning aerobic exercise.


It’s common knowledge that dancing is a great way to burn calories and trim down. Aerobic dance activities for weight loss can be done either in a group setting or individually. Dancing for one hour can burn 330 calories, shed weight, and increase muscle strength.


The exciting activity of stretching benefits weight loss and relieves muscle and joint pain. If you practice it for 30 minutes, you can burn up to 90 calories. To begin, stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your hands. Then you should try bending to one side while reaching out with both hands. The two sides should try this out in rotation. Next, go back to square one and then give bending backward a shot. Try this sequence 15–20 times.


Those who make their homes in mountainous regions often go on hikes as a regular recreation. Those who reside in urban areas can mimic the sensation of hiking by elevating the treadmill. A 30-minutes long hike burns 185 calories for just an average-weighed person.

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